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Composite and GIC fillings are tooth colored permanent filling materials. composite filling comes under various shades we can match the filling according to your teeth shades.Mainly composite teeth fillings are done in front teeth region with minimal gaps .If the gap between the teeth is more  we can do veneers / smile designing / ortho treatments . These treatments is based on severity of teeth malalignment.

GIC filling can be done in back teeth region because of its high strength.

The main advantage of composite filling is it matches with the teeth color , it bonds with the teeth enamel and blends well  composite filling are esthetically good in front teeth.  The main advantage of the GIC filling is it has the anticariogenic property which means it prevents secondary caries progression .  Because of its high strength it is used in back teeth region. Composite fillings are best tooth filling in front teeth and GIC filings are best in back teeth. Composite filling are esthetically good  that's why it is used in front teeth.


Dental care for infants and children is called pediatric dentistry.   The role of dentist in pediatric dental care is to diagnose and treat the dental caries as early .  Early diagnosis of dental caries,delayed teeth eruption,malalignment of the teeth can be diagnosed and treated in this pediatric dental care. If the dental caries is in initial stage teeth fillings can be done.If the dental caries is deep we can do pulpectomy / pulpotomy procedures ( painless procedure similar to root canal treatments in adults ).The fluoride application is provided in child dental care to prevent teeth decay in permanent teeth

Good oral health is to maintain the oral cavity free of stains , deposits and dental caries. The deposits is caused by improper brushing habits. The deposits in teeth causes bad breath , redness in gums , bleeding in severe conditions. To maintain good oral health regular dental visit is important . 6 months once Dental visit is important to diagnose and treat early . Good oral health is maintained by brushing twice a day , flossing between the teeth weekly once . flossing removes the plaque ( soft deposits )  Use mouth wash after brushing , gargle with water after every meal. scaling ( teeth cleaning ) procedure is done to remove dental plaque, deposits and stains. Scaling can be done every 6 months once to remove deposits. Scaling procedure does not harm your teeth it just removes the stains and deposits to maintain healthy gums.

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